Maimeri Italian Oil Paints

Maimeri Classico extra-fine oil colours


The Artist’s daily bread and butter. Anyone- professional or amateur – who picks up a tube of Classico oil paint will find in it just what they need.

  • Classico fine oil colours are versatile, offering an unsurpassed price to quality ratio.
  • These colours are produced by strict principles that yield a top quality product. They revolutionise the criteria by which an economical (rated “fine”/student) range is judged.
  • They contain no waxes or thickeners (no manufacturing shortcuts).
  • The colour palette includes the best original natural earths and true cadmium pigments, NOT HUES. Average pigment concentration is very high.
  • Formulas are perfected to balance the drying times of all colours.
  • Bright, lively colours with overall harmony in the palette, Classico colours are made with modern non-toxic, non-polluting pigments that improve lightfastness.
  • All colours may be intermixed together in any ratio or proportion, without limits.


To view a colour chart and find out more click on the link below:

Maimeri Classico extra-fine oil colours – Colour Chart


Why Buy Maimeri Paints?

MAIMERI PAINTS CONTAIN REAL CADMIUMS, NOT HUES. If paint contains a cadmium hue, it means that there is no cadmium in the paint at all!

ALL MAIMERI PAINTS ARE MADE ONLY WITH PIGMENTS AND BINDER. THEY DO NOT CONTAIN ANY WAXES OR FILLERS. Many other paint manufactures add waxes to their paint to aid in the binding process, or fillers to bulk it up. The Italians believe that these additives should be left out of paint, as they can dull it. They believe in making the paint as pure as possible. For this reason, Maimeri paints are usually oilier and more fluid to paint with than other brands.

MAIMERI PAINTS ARE MADE IN ITALY, WHICH HAS A SIMILAR BRIGHT LIGHT TO SOUTH AFRICA. The Maimeri palette is brighter and more radiant in order to capture the conditions of a Mediterranean climate, than paints made in a duller climate.

MAIMERI CONTAINS GENUINE EARTH COLOURS. Being Italian, Maimeri is one of the only paint manufacturers able to source scarce genuine Italian earth colours.

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